The David L. Lawrence convention center opened in 2003. Before then Pittsburgh only had one convention Center in Monroeville PA. Though this convention center works for multiple events, it doesn’t give you the experience of being in the heart of the city.

When you come to Pittsburgh for an event or a convention, I think that you need to see and experience the beauty of our unique city. We have been known as a steel town for a long time. People are often surprised when they come here to see it’s nothing like what they thought it was.

Beautiful scenery, art, entertainment, great food, and lots of funny yinzers to entertain you while you’re here. I love recommending places for people to go to when I meet them at conventions.  And even though we have beautiful hotels around our city, I love going to the David L Lawrence convention center because it has the best views!

NIRSA Sports Association is an organization which regulates various sports through the collegiate systems across the United States.  They had a convention where it helped people find jobs related to fitness and sports entertainment. They had interview classes, meetings, and events to help them get jobs.  My role was to provide attendees with their first professional headshot!  I had a great time and hope my work helped them start their exciting new careers.