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Shannon Morrissey
Makeup Artist / Stylist

Meet Shannon

Ever since she was a little girl she wore tinker bell pink lipstick and high heels. Being taught by the virtuous women in her life she grew up with very strong mentors that guided her to follow her heart and taught her that good things come in small packages. With that advice she knew that she wanted to aspire to make a difference. Life is like the ocean… sometimes there are waves and sometime its calm waters. It is ones choice to sink or swim to find ones passion to embrace life fully. Following her heart to interlace beauty and wellness is just what she has done. She studied business at Washington and Jefferson College, obtained her masters from Duquesne University and became a licensed esthetician in 2014. Working in healthcare administration and owning her own business has motivated her to inspire others. Aspiring to make a difference, interlacing beauty and wellness along with guiding one to be who they are is truly enhancing ones beauty. It is the spirit that defines her and guides her.

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Makeup is by appointment only, $75 for full face.

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